Cleveland is the leader for steam cooking products. From high-volume mixer kettles to boilerless convection steamers, their products use less water and energy with unmatched performance.

Convotherm offers a full range of combi steamer ovens, designed for reduced energy and water consumption, lower operating costs, and fast intuitive operation.

Frymaster’s award-winning fryers conserve oil, cook more food per gallon and offer fully automatic filtration and optional oil quality sensors. Pasta makers with electronic, programmable controls make it easy to cook perfect pasta every time.

Garland counter top ranges, griddles and broilers deliver durable performance, energy efficiency and cleanability. Induction technology generates precise heating solutions, usingup to 70% less energy for low-cost, cleaner and cooler kitchens.

Lincoln uses the latest advancement in air impingement technology for rapid heating, cooking, baking, and crisping of a wide range of meals from pizza to seafood.

Merrychef high-speed ovens boast ultra-short cook times, ultra-high energy efficiency, ventless operation and unique easyTouch® touchscreen controls.

With innovations like the Blend-in-Cup® that reduces waste and labor to maximize productivity and profits, Multiplex offers a broad range of cooling and dispensing beverage systems.

THERMIC offers electric and gas cooking range, hot holding cabinet, holding proofing cabinet, heated plate dispenser, cooking  equipment with matching profile for different applications.

Manitowoc Ice is America’s #1 selling brand of ice machines for a reason - energy efficiency, reliability, and a service and support network that is second to none. Cleanability, filtration and advanced sanitation systems keep machines clean, saving time and money.

Covering the basic features you need with the reliability you expect, Koolaire offers affordable ice machines, bins, and accessories.

KOLDTECH offers a complete line-up of high quality refrigeration products ranging from standard reach-in/up-right and undercounters, display showcases, customized wine chillers and walk-in coldrooms.

Garland 900 Series
Garland 900 series the new Garland 900 series metric range of gas and electrical kitchen equipment. It is designed to be functional and modular placement-friendly in a commercial kitchen.


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