Sanitation Solutions

Throughout our history, Welbilt and its 12 industry-leading brands have integrated sanitation standards into our product development with cleanliness and safety at top of mind.

As we get back to business, we are all taking the necessary steps regarding social distancing, food safety, and the well-being of our employees and customers. To help ease your mind, we’ve highlighted common built-in features; add-on accessories; and best practice and procedures  throughout our entire portfolio line, so you can focus on other business priorities.

We'll continue to update this page as we innovate so it's best to bookmark in your favorites now to come back to time and time again.

Built in features
Best Practices
Built-In Features

built-in features

Our portfolio of product brands provides a variety of built-in features that support your sanitation needs. Our built-in alerts help remind you and your staff it's time to properly sanitize and avoid the spread between equipment operators – from wiping touch-screen controllers frequently to being able to operate with gloves on.

COOKING > ClevelandConvothermFrymasterGarlandLincolnMerrychef

Clean Screen 

EasyTouch controllers

Icon touchscreen is easy to use and clean. Simply wipe. Operate with or without gloves. Set alert times.

Closed systems 

Closed systems

ACS+ patented closed system allows no external air into cavity during cooking process in combination and steam ovens.
High Heat 

High Temperature

High-heat cooking maintains product is safe to minimum internal temperature of 165 °F.

Paddle, Tongs, Trays

Accessory items to our cooking line provide touchless operation.
Easy to Clean stainless steel 

Easy to clean

Stainless steel surfaces resistant to continuous wipes, NSF compliant.


Optional touchless addition to your combi oven. *Available in EMEA & APAC only.

Self Cleaning 

Self Cleaning

A single button self-cleaning step is available in order to maintain optimal cleanliness.

ICE & BEVERAGE > Manitowoc • MultiplexCrem

Easy to clean 

Easy To Clean

DuraTech exterior with rounded corners and a front facing evaporator help keep your ice machine clean.

enclosed chamber 

Closed Cavity

The sealed food zone and AlphaSan antimicrobial additive resist bacteria growth and contaminants.



Blended beverage machines integrate daily and weekly cleaning.

easyTouch Controllers 


Operates with or without gloves and easy to wipe to keep clean.

Sanitary Valves 


NSF listed eliminates contact with lid of cup.



PCAP (Projected Capacitive)

High impact glass touch screen allows use of gloves to interact with controls and can be temporarily locked out to allow for periodic cleaning throughout each shift.
Self Contained trays 


Food product held in enclosed high temperature plastic trays is managed with tongs or other utensils, not hands.
Touchless tray tracking 


Touchless tray sensors start and transfer timers automatically, to minimize interaction with the control screen.

Sanitation Certification 

Sanitation Certification

Delfield hot and cold products are NSF4 and NSF7 listed. Merco is UL listed.

Add-On features

add-on features

Our add-on options, accessories and parts can provide touchless and cleaning chemical solutions to combat the spread of viruses. 




Sanitizer is used at least once every six months to remove algae, biofilm growth and to disinfect the machine. Meets EPA criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 (cause of COVID-19).

Arctic Pure 

Arctic Pure

This two-stage system removes sediments like sand, rust and dirt. 

D-Bin scoops 

D-Bin Scoops

Comes with thumb and knuckle guards to prevent ice exposure.

Cleaning Chemicals 

Cleaning chemicals

Cleaning products are available through KitchenCare parts

Best Practices

best practices

In order to avoid unnecessary downtime or costly repairs, we recommend reviewing our extensive library of materials to support your sanitation needs.  For a complete list of available manuals and guides visit our resource page >
  • Manuals
  • Cleaning guides
  • Weekly and monthly cleaning checklists
  • Preventive maintenance guides
  • Cleaning programing procedures
  • Add-on installation guides and videos
  • Firmware updates
  • Videos and instruction lists
  • EPA approved cleaning supplies
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Brand specific Sanitation Solutions

Looking for a brand-focused sanitation solution? Click from the brands below to go directly to detailed information. More brand sanitation solutions are added daily so check back often. 

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